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Subversion interface for emacs

psvn.el is a subversion interface for emacs. It provides a similar functionality as pcl-cvs for cvs:
  • Show the status of a subversion working copy
  • Show differences between revisions as diff
  • Show differences between revisions via ediff
  • Show the subversion revision log file
  • Edit file properties
  • Commit the changes of a working copy
  • There is a simple interface to browse an corresponding trac website

The client contains the functionality that is needed to work with a checked out subversion working copy.
If you miss any functionality or find a bug, please send an email (stefan@xsteve.at).
A detailed Changelog is available from the svn ViewCvs server.

Links to Subversion ressources on the net

SVN Cheat Sheet

My private cheat sheet for svn is here: svn.txt

Other emacs packages written by me

I provide a bunch of other emacs packages.

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