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My emacs power user page

Since I use emacs for most of my computing tasks I know a bunch of useful tips. I started to write down some tips to use emacs efficient on my Emacs power user page.

My Emacs initialization

My .emacs (2011-09-02)

Contains my emacs customizations (> 110 kB). I use the same .emacs for Windows, Linux. It works with Emacs23. But it does not work with XEmacs. If you want to use it, you need various emacs lisp packages. Most of them you can find via google.

My misc Emacs Lisp functions: xsteve-functions.el (2011-09-02)

Contains some of the functions that are used in my .emacs

My own Emacs packages

Subversion Interface for emacs: psvn.el (2015-08-20)

Subversion is a version control system that tries to be a better CVS. (See http://subversion.tigris.org). This mode provides an interface to svn - similar to pcl-cvs and CVS.

Generic revision control interface for emacs: DVC.el

  • DVC.el was started as xtla.el
  • xtla.el only provided support for tla/baz. You can find some more informations here.
  • Now I am working on a system that supports tla/baz, bzr, Mercurial, Monotone, cogito and darcs. It is called Emacs DVC.

Disk archiver Interface for emacs: dar.el (2006-09-19)

This is an easy to use and flexible backup frontend for dar to create backups. There is more information about this package here.

Interface for the german<->english directory http://dict.leo.org: x-dict.el (2008-06-14)

This package needs a python script to query the data from the dictionary server: the python script x-dict.

Bubble Buffer: bubble-buffer.el (2005-02-01)

A buffer switching utility to bubble up a recently used buffer. This package does not destroy the buffer order!

Emacs interface to pwsafe: pwsafe.el (2009-05-25)

Manage your passwords from within emacs. This is a lightweight interface to the command line utility pwsafe. Some more details about pwsafe.el are here.

Emacs interface to woof: woof.el (2008-07-07)

woof stands for (Web Offer One File). It is a simple webserver that can be used to transfer a file to a different host. More information about woof can be found on the woof homepage. This emacs interface allows to transfer text snippets or files with one keystroke!

Quick Task: quick-task.el (2008-01-12)

This package allows to describe often used commands in an easy way. These commands can be invoked via easy customizable keystrokes. See the comments of the quick-task.el file for details.

Simple window configuration management: xwindow-ring.el (2005-02-01)

Simple and easy to use window configuration management.

InnoSetup mode: iss-mode.el (2007-07-25)

Mode to colorize InnoSetup scripts. InnoSetup is an Application Installer for Windows (See: InnoSetup homepage)

Mouse embrace minor mode: mouse-embrace.el (2005-02-01)

Embrace mouse selected text (put a prefix before the selection and a postfix after the selection)

Ion3 Mode: ion3.el (2006-01-26)

Send commands to the ion3 window manager via emacs. Optionally the file ion3-emacs.lua can be installed as ion3 extension.

Programmed align package: progr-align.el (2005-02-01)

Align lines according to a regexp, that is specified in the same file (as comment)

Emacs interface to xautomation (xte): xte.el (2007-04-06)

Send keystrokes to other applications. xte.el uses an emacs like key syntax to describe the keystrokes that should be sent.

Switch to Windows: sww.el (2007-08-14)

Switch to a named window on win32 systems. This file needs sww.exe.

Grabbox for Emacs: grabbox.el (2003-07-27)

Mode to organize bookmarks in sections. I no longer use that one. I switched to emacs-muse instead.

Emacs on Windows

Associate Files with emacs: emacsassoc.bat (2003-07-25)

The batch file shows how to associate various file extensions with gnuclientw.exe

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