XSteve's Ion page

Ion is a tiling tabbed window manager designed with keyboard users in mind.

Links to Ion ressources on the net

My Ion2 configuration

My Keybindings : ion-xsteve.lua

Various functions for ion2: xsteve-functions.lua

My Ion3 configuration

Recently I Switched to ion3. Here is my configuration for it (note: it is a bit different than the ion2 configuration):

The entry point: cfg_ion.lua

I use the default ion3 configuration and overrule some settings in cfg_xsteve.lua

My configuration file: cfg_xsteve.lua

Various functions for ion3: ion3_functions_xsteve.lua

The winprops that I use at home: cfg_xsteve_winprops.lua

The look configuration: look.lua

I use the look_ios.lua, but the needed font is not available on my system, therefore I used the font specification "fixed"

My emacs interface for ion3: ion3.el

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