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About DVC.el (distributed version control)

  • DVC.el is a unified emacs interface for a bunch of distributed revision control systems

  • DVC.el supports GNU Arch (tla) and Bazaar (baz)
  • Mercurial is usable
  • Bzr is usable
  • Monotone is usable
  • Git support is started and somewhat usable
  • Darcs support is started but not yet usable

Since June 2006 DVC.el is distributed via bzr. You can get it via bzr:
# bzr get http://bzr.xsteve.at/dvc
DVC.el is already in a very stable and usable state. I use it daily for GNU Arch (tla) and Mercurial (hg).
It provides also good support for bzr, monotone and git.
I think that the number of users will increase, as soon as the new distributed revision control systems will get a larger user base.

DVC.el mailing list

There is a mailing list for DVC.el related stuff: You can also contact me directly per email (stefan at xsteve dot at) if you have feature requests or bug reports, or when you like my software ;-)

DVC.el developer homepage

The developer homepage is maintained by all developers and can be found here.

Various info pages for DVC.el

How I use dvc with mercurial to synchronize my personal knowledge base via email

  • I use emacs-muse to keep a personal knowledge base. This setup makes it easy to record links to various ressources on my computer or on the internet.
  • I like to keep that knowledge base synchronized at work and at home
  • I don't want to put that stuff in on a public available server
  • So I use email to synchronize the two computers
  • I put the knowledge base under Mercurial control and send changes via email
  • I commit the changes to the mercurial repository
  • Then I run M-x xhg-logs
  • Now press E RETURN
  • I get a message buffer prepared for sending via email, I just hit C-c C-c to send the patch
  • On the other computer I receive the mail via gnus
  • Then I hit K t a to import the patch to my knowledge base
That's it ;-)
More descriptions will be added soon...

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